This bilingual book (English and Spanish) includes the complete text and illustrations of this award-winning research work.

Recipient of the PHILIP JOHNSON EXHIBITION CATALOGUE AWARD by the Society of Architectural Historians 2017

BEST PUBLICATION AWARD, XX Pan-american Architecture Biennale of Quito 2016
Category: Theory, History and Criticism

recipient of the medal to best publication in the 14th national and international biennale of mexico 2016

recipient of the medal to best publication of Mexico city's architecture biennale 2015

recipient of the University of texas / coop. Excellence creative research award 2014


Mixtec Stonecutting Artistry is an innovative work that allows to understand a bright moment in Mexican architecture from a unique perspective. The work presented in this book identifies and analyzes three sixteenth-century buildings constructed in the “Mixteca” a rural region in Southern Mexico. These three masterpieces of architecture were covered with complex ribbed vaults that present the same rigor and precision of their European counterparts in the great Gothic cathedrals. Using digital technologies, Prof. Benjamin Ibarra-Sevilla addresses the challenge of representing and explaining the details and intricacies applied in the design, development, and construction of the lush vaults and the stone pieces that shape them. This research work responds to a rising global interest emerged from the need to understand these buildings through the eyes of construction science, focusing on information relevant to the architects and engineers interested in technical aspects and the history of construction. This is one of the few books dealing with the study of these buildings in the context of the transfer of knowledge of construction technology and it is the first of its kind that systematically addresses the relationship between geometry, stone stereotomy, and twenty-first century forms of architectural visualization for sixteenth-century buildings.

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