Mixtec Stonecutting Broadcasted at UACJ TV

The TV channel of the UACJ recently broadcasted an interview with Professor Benjamin Ibarra. The weekly TV show “Entre Amigos” featured  Professor Ibarra talking about his research work and the historic monuments he studies. The tv show focused on three sixteenth-century buildings located in Mexico, revealing to the audience the main features and their importance in the Mexican historic architecture context. TV UACJ 44.3 , has a varied programing ranging from news to information covering science, humanities, technology, children, arts and crafts. It belongs to the network of cultural and educational television and radio stations in Mexico and it is founder of the Mexican Alliance of Producers and University Television, which gives the opportunity to offer exclusive shows and events that commercial television does not broadcast. UACJ TV, is one of the cultural channels in the country broadcasting a large number of self-produced shows standing out as an option for those who like an alternative television containing creativity and entertainment in a different way.

The interview can be seen in the UACJ TV Youtube channel at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=orSE1UDkBRA